Animals As Acessories 

Throughout time animals have been a source of entertainment , companionship  and even inspiration, from iconic symbols in our religions to the first cave paintings and first photographs, all different animals have been embedded within our society’s ever since they were formed. this collection of images is a small insight into how animals can change the context of fashion photography, whether they are used to portray brave, caring, dominant or glamourous situations, it cannot be doubted that each animal and their individual species have gained their own visual language over time which has changed as our history and ideals have grown.

certain animals give the impression of the exotic but as more unusual pets become more readily available in years to come adding to the idea of the ‘global village’ it will interesting to see how this develops. Often animals bring puns or confirmation of ideas into pictures, this can be seen with the idea of the ‘sex kitten’ , the name of a male chicken ‘cock’ and regularly with snakes and phallic symbolism. the stance in which holding an animal also has massive implications and can distinguish between feelings of humans dominating , being controlled or caring for animals.

In conclusion animalistic desires and characteristics will always fascinate us and portraying these within the fashion industry is just another extension of human storytelling and creativity.

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2 thoughts on “Animals As Acessories 

  1. In my opinion the reason we are fascinated with animalistic instincts and representations is because that’s what we are – be it human, we are organic matter… but without getting too deep haha I think we all love cat and puppy pictures with us hehe


  2. I’m not sure how I feel about animals being used in fashion shoots, especially the more ‘exotic’ animals, whereas dogs are probably just happy to be around us. I don’t envy Jennifer Lawrence for having that snake draped over her!


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