Oscars Fashion – How The Beautiful & Rich Can Look Bad.

When someone has the professional help of stylists, dressers, make up artists and hair dressers you would think it would be impossible to turn up at the Oscars with a look that doesn’t flatter you. Unfortunately for countless celebrities that attend award ceremonies it seems that is very much possible. 
Often people out-right dislike an outfit but are unable to really describe why. We can like the colour, the material, the embellishment and even sometimes the cut but still think it looks awful on a certain celebrity. Considering these are some of the fittest and precisely groomed people in the world it can feel disheartening and mind numbing when they don’t look as good as they could.

A lot of us have the experience of reassuring someone they look good in something they are adamant in wearing, whether it be a family member , a customer or a friend we have all found ourselves not knowing how to react and how honest to be when giving our opinion on an outfit someone else loves. I imagine this is especially hard when you are being paid hundreds or thousands of pounds for a service. I cant imagine that after a stylist has chosen an outfit that a hair dresser or make up artist would chime in with their true opinion also , as although they are helping create an overall look they are not stylists and aren’t being paid as one ether.

Below is a detailed breakdown of two outfits on two gorgeous woman who in my opinion don’t look as gorgeous as they should.




Here are some basic alternatives I have picked quickly from Net A Porter which I have attempted to Photoshop over the actual choices ( excuse my Photoshop skills , I need some practise) , the fact that this took me less than ten minuets while considering colour, shapes and material and in my opinion looks much better, just proves that stylists need to start thinking more about giving a bespoke service to their clients.

Let me know what you think of my choices.

Felicity JonesEmilio Pucci – Pleated silk halter neck gown.

Teresa Palmer –  Roland Mouret – Lely stretch-crepe gown

It is also important to consider popular culture at the time of choosing your Oscar outfit. A good example of why this matters is Leslie Mann’s recent Zac Posen Oscar dress, which in my opinion is a beautiful dress but not a beautiful choice. A few years ago it would have been a good decision but as we grow closer to the ever anticipated remake of Disney classic Beauty & The Best , Leslie’s dress Is far too similar to images of the yellow princess dresses that are saturating the media to be classed as a successful outfit choice. There is a huge difference between glamour and costume.


In conclusion when dressing for a big occasion, celebrity or not, take into consideration the times – what images mean what at the time of the event, your skin and hair colour – an outfit is supposed to flatter you, not over or underwhelm you, your body type and what parts of your body you want to flaunt or minimise and texture – does the texture look rough? soft ? does it crease easily? does it move and flow in the correct way for the theme of the event?

This article isn’t to make people feel bad but to make people appreciate how important details are in the bigger picture, to make all of us look and feel better in the future.

Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts, please comment below.





40 thoughts on “Oscars Fashion – How The Beautiful & Rich Can Look Bad.

  1. Oh I love this post. I have to admit that I always have a look at the red carpet outfits to get inspired by those actress who look like goddesses in their dresses but it also is a releaf to see that even if the are followed by make up artists, stylists, dressers etc, they sometimes simply choose the wrong outfit like each one of us.



  2. I like the way Felicia Jones looks always glamour in red carpet but never thought of giving a second look and catch all these details. Great points!


      1. No idea, again some fashion magazines put her in the best dressed list whilst others in the worst. I don’t think it’s matter of opinion – she didn’t look good but she is everywhere at the moment x


  3. REally interesting post, I love how you broke everything down. I’m glad I’m in good company for fashion disasters 🙂


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