International Women’s Day

Yesterday was international womans day and as a blogger I would like to and be expected to mark the day somehow, popular  examples of people doing this include lists of historical female authors or bakers or even candlestick makers but im not going to do that.

The fact is no matter how many lists we read and how many articles we come across talking about women who have changed the past, present and in the process of changing the future it doesn’t always make our personal issues improve or change.

It’s very well and good showing us the amazing people who fought against tragic and unfair circumstances and managed to turn their life around and portray the strength we all want, but sometimes I feel like this can defer us from doing it ourselves. We read about these woman and know that present day versions exist somewhere, we wonder how we would handle difficult situations and how we hope we would react like the famous woman,  with courage determination and nobility, but in the end we go back to our daily lives with the smaller yet still important problems we face.

We often indulge in the belief that someone else can stand up for women’s problems or think that we wont have the time to make a difference , between struggling a job, children ,housework, hobbies,  family ,health, friends and partner.

Perhaps we are not homeless perhaps we haven’t been Sexually abused but these awful examples have roots in everyday attitudes and you can see them daily such as Catcalling, unsolicited Dick Pics, lack of respect at work etc

Another relatable and annoying example of this is in the flim  ‘Bridget jones Diary -The Edge of Reason (basically  film 2). When Bridget herself is wrongly inprisoned in a female Thai prison and bonds with several Thai woman over the course of a few months . Evantually as all of us do, they started talking about past relationships,  Bridget talked about Mark Darcy acting like she embarrassed him in front of others and being dismissed by him frequently.

While the other prisoners talked about physical and mental abuse and being forced to take drugs, because of this Bridget starts to feel her issues are silly and unimportant .

This is often at the forefront of the minds of people in bad relationships and it is an annoying and outdated attitude.

Just because a man doesn’t hit you, steal your money or cheat on you doesn’t mean by default that his actions are good or fair. This attitude not only hurts woman but also brings down men, who slowly have their personal standards lowered as a gender.

All woman have unjust circumstances in their life, that is unfortunately a fact of being a woman in 2017 and to help yourself as a woman is to stand ip for your own rights, wether at work, at home, in education and even in the street by doing so it is ultimately helping woman all around the world , for if each of us demands respect then each of us is making a difference. To honour our mothers, our daughters, our sisters and womens rights activists throughout time, fight for your personal rights. So in years to come woman of all ages of all races won’t have to.



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