Leibster Award

Thankyou so much to  Our Bucket List Lives for nominating me , esspecially as it’s my first nomination since starting a blog. Here are my questions and answers.

What is your earliest memory?

My first memory is being at Disneyland Paris when I was about 1 years old. I remember vivifly looking up from my pram to see this huge market stall of disney plush toys. The toys were more micky mouse based rather than our modern favourites and I caught a glimpse of a toy of Minnie mouse and when I did it’s eyes glowed red and freaked me the he’ll out !!!  Obviously now I realise that Minnie hadn’t just come alive with an evil plan to destroy me or the world but probably had shiny eyes that caught the reflection of something else.  The end .

What was the last meal you cooked?

Just a basic baked potato with some cheese and smoked salmon. Sorry guys nothing glamorous! 


Where would you like to travel to next?

In all honesty although I have a lost of places I want to visit right now aby travelling or holiday of sort where  I can relax ad get some sun is all I want or need. I have always wanted to go to Iceland and yes it this was before game of thrones made it popular and shot the prices up but Iceland doesn’t have the exact climate I need right now. So for a sunny holiday it would have to be Crete , I’ve always wanted to go since studying the trojan horse in primary school. I love the history and romance about the place.

If you could buy anything in the world, regardless of cost, what would you buy?

A huge mansion so all my family could live under the same roof. It would be like a little city with its own photography studio,cinema, swimming pool, petting zoo ,  the works.

Would you prefer to live in the future or the past? The future?

I know things look grim at the moment but I think that the negativity we are experiencing now we definitely pave the way fir a more well informed future. The generations that have grown up with the Internet with all that unlimited knowledge abd insight at their fingertips are already starting to mske change and I beileve we will look back at these few decades as a catalyst for building a society thst aims for peace as a whole.

But obvs not going back in time. I know it looks nice but I want access to painkillers and not to have my head litrally drilled into when I have a migraine.


What was your favourite subject at school?

On paper I think people and even myself to think it would be art or textiles or drama but in reality it was religious studies. My teacher was very softly spoken and at the start of each lesson made everyone meditate because of this it was the only lesson that was in anyway calm when even the popular girls would chill out and instead of trying to terrorise everyone would act like normal people. I also loved learning about other cultures and their beliefs I think if more people understood different religions then there would be more acceptence and less fighting. 

What is the last thing you bought?

It would be my YSL touche e’clay primer which I’ve wanted for a while. It’s beautiful from its packaging to its texture with little gold flecks and it really does work.

How long have you been blogging for?

Litrally a month or so ago.I’ve wanted to start one for ages but never felt in the right mindset.I’ve ran some other online projects and feel like thy gave me a good insight into how to get started with my blog.The past few weeks I done something which I promised myself I wouldn’t and that was lose momentum and my mojo but im coming back now and Im not giving up.

Do you speak any other languages?

No I learn bits of french on several apps before I go to sleep as it helps me relax whilst im being productive. A lot of people ask if I speak Farsi because technically I’m half iranisn but to be honest I know more scouse.


  1. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I didn’t use to but then I met my boyfriend who I’ve been with for nearly 5 years and l know that however bizarre and no matter how msny people think the idea is ridiculous I know from.first hand experience that it’s real and im super lucky to have experienced it.

What is the greatest lesson you’ve learnt in life?

To let yourself relax properly without feeling guilty. We all need time to renew ourselves and energise because if you don’t your not going to be your best. Shout out to my boyfriend who taught me this over the years ♡

My 11 random facts are:

  1. My cat is called Stinky.
  2. I love eating desserts in the bath.
  3. I’m a huge star trek fan.
  4. My middle name is Hope
  5. I’ve never broke a bone.
  6. Im never as organised as I want.
  7. I can’t ride a bike
  8. I find it difficult to have a good sleeping pattern.
  9. I suffer from anxiety
  10. I recently qualified as a trained make up artist.

I nominate blogs 

 Beaut Chic

Emma Lang Lands

Chronology Trigger

The rules are easy.

Answer all the question. Give 11 random facts about you.Create 11 new questions and nominate some blogs.Thank your nominae by linking to them.

My questions are :

What is your favourite quote and why ?

If you could live in any city which one would you pick ?

How would your friends describe you in three words ?

What’s your biggest flaw?

Do you miss your first pet?

Do you have a favourite cocktail?

What is the next item you want to buy?

Who is your role model?

Is there any food you hate ?

If you could be a genius in one subject what would it be ?

Do you miss anything about school?

Thanks for everyone taking part,enjoyed it loads.

Love Dovetail xxx


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