Tribrute To My Mother 

So today’s is mothers day and to me the start of spring.

I didn’t make breakfast in bed,the housework isn’t done and in all honesty I forgot to buy a card because of the busy day yesterday.

The fact is ,If I could give you the world I could.

But right now you’ll have to settle for my world. You are the person I laugh with ,confide in ,dicuss with and share all of my thoughts with.

There isn’t anything I hide from you ,  I am a book for you to rifle through and even though at times I can be overwhelming know it is only because I am overwhelmed with our friendship.

You brought me up so well and I have to thank you for my curiosity in life as well as my bravery and pride.

You brought me up to take no crap off anyone and I stick by that everyday – unfortunately you forgot to teach me to just take crap off you and because of that you get snapped at a lot.

Thank you for making me ambitious but humble and giving me the power to be perceptive and caring for other humans.

Thankyou for the hours spent making costumes for me so I always felt confident at parties.

Thankyou for taking me the musuem all the time and making me aware of what humanity had to offer.

But above all thankyou for all the spiders you have caught over th years!

You are more than a mum to me, you are someone I journey through life with and thank you also for giving me my brother and raising us as best friends.

I love you mum.

Dovetail xxx


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