Pho Vietnamese Restaurant Review.

There was a time not so long ago when I had visited every restaurant, café and bar on Bold Street and was fond of each one in my own way. Now with new restaurants and eateries opening every week, on what is now becoming the most diverse cuisine filled street in the UK it wasn’t hard to admit that I had lost track and there were more than a few amazing places on Bold Street I hadn’t been lucky enough to try.

When I was booked in to visit Pho as a blogger I was more than happy and decided to take my lovely boyfriend Neal with me. The combination of my desire to visit Vietnam and my love of new experiences meant that I was ticking off a undiscovered restaurant on my list that I actually was super curious about.

I didn’t know how Pho was going to interpret Vietnamese food and although I trusted in the Pho brand which is super popular in London I didn’t actually know what to expect.

We were greeted by Dave and were sat in a table of our choosing and like my favourite restaurant experiences we ordered a cocktail each so we could browse the menu in style.Two cocktails on a table next to chopsticks

I chose the apple Bellini while Neal chose the signature Pho phojito both arriving In great time and nicely presented. The Bellini was rich and sweet but wasn’t sickly and didn’t leave me thirsty for a glass of water like other sweet cocktails can. The mojito was very fresh tasting with moist mint poking out of it, it was very limey but without being acidic, I’m not a huge fan of mojitos personally but it was the best one ether me or Neal had tasted.

We were also ordered some prawn crackers with sweet chili sauce to nibble on and weren’t disappointed. Long are the days of doubtful takeaway prawn crackers in a plastic bag, these were delicious but not greasy and really felt part of the meal.

When we came to browse the menu, it came as a nice surprise to see the collection of sauces on our table explained in a little diagram, along with extensive information on allergy’s and a quality guarantee about the food. I’m a sucker for a well laid out menu and it is my pet hate in restaurants when a menu is unmanageable and confusing, to me it’s a clear warning sign that Gordon Ramsey needs a good look at them, as expected though Pho’s Menu was clear and concise and although the dishes were difficult to pronounce there was no pretentiousness around wrongly pronouncing them or asking how to say it from the staff members.


a collection of asian table sauces18052819_10155315783691940_1625814992_n[1]-min


Me and Neal decided that one of us should order a vegetarian dish for each course, to give readers a better outlook on the food and as we actually went for the meal on my birthday my lovely boyfriend let me order exactly what I wanted first and opted for vegetarian both courses , which by the fantastic taste of them both even left me, a lover of meat , a little jealous.


 Goi Cuon Chicken


A cold, summery dish which was inoffensive and entry level, it was packed with ingredients and had an interesting texture. The cold peanut sauce was clearly homemade and felt authentic and organic. The flavours were strong and seemed to develop in stages in your mouth – like something out of Willy Wonka, I could clearly taste mint, peanut, a little chicken and an overall ‘saladness’. There was the option to have it with Nouc Cham sauce and tofu or beef as a different filling , but I love Chicken Satay and thought the combination sounded similar. It is the type of meal you could eat and eat but somehow feel inside like you were getting slimmer while doing so – if only!

Bánh Xéo Tofu


I’ll be honest, who knew that Tofu could be THIS delicious, I didn’t! I mean yes you hear about it being cooked well and tasting beautiful but you assume that happens in a faraway land by experts who speak in code – not any more, that is right, you can find delicious Tofu in Liverpool.

To describe it in layman’s terms it was a Tortilla Tofu Oniony noodly Sweet Chilli crepe.  The tofu being inside the crepe itself.  It wasn’t exactly messy to eat but fiddly. You get a combination of the Tofu filled crepe along with the garnish and wrap it in a piece of rice paper, dip it in the homemade sweet chilli and Hey Presto – Nom Nom Nom x 100

When me and my partner tried it we both simultaneously agreed that going vegetarian wouldn’t be all that hard as long as we had tofu like this. So, if Pho want to teach me or better yet my boyfriend (lazy vibes) how to cook like this then that would be great.


Pho Nam Rom


The dish Pho is the main dish for the restaurant, hence the name Pho. It consists of aromatic noodle soup with different vegetables/ meats as a main component and is highly customizable. The restaurant makes its own broth, taking ten hours to perfect the flavour and perfect it is. Neal went for the mushroom Pho which included Shiitake and Enoki Mushrooms, along with spring onion and noodles. The heat of the dish was luxurious it was spicy yet had a cooling effect on the body and mind, it almost had healing properties and I feel like if I had a cold or flu I would be back to normal health after one bowl. It came with a side plate of herbs, limes and beansprouts so you can adjust the flavour to your taste, all of which is explained to you in detail. The mushrooms varied in texture without being slimy and the whole dish was filling and well rounded. The broth was crystal clear as is the fact you must try a Pho dish.

Beef Brisket Ca-ri


If heaven made curry it would taste like this. It makes me slightly upset that I don’t have a huge plate of this in front if me while I reminisce. The beef had the same texture as pulled pork and was saturated in the creamy Vietnamese curry with roasted tomatoes and peppers. it might sound dramatic but the taste made me speechless and was as if all the plants and spices in the world came together to create the master of curry, then sprinkled it in gold and unicorn blessings – it was THAT good. The dish was huge too, the rice was fragrant and moist while the sauce itself was juicy beef juices mixed with a deep rich spicy coconut chilli surprise. #emotional

Bánh sô-cô-la truffle with green tea ice cream


Described on the menu as a ‘Chocolate Slab ‘ the name conjured up the idea of something heavy and brick like, but what arrived was light, fluffy and had a taste that still packed a punch. It wasn’t as chocolaty as the name might suggest, it was like chocolate cream mouse with a layered of thin soaked sponge which made the texture complete. The green tea ice cream tasted fragrant, sweet and slightly bitter, bringing the whole dessert together…Neal was upset he didn’t order one.

A huge thank you to the Pho team, we had perfect service all the way through and everything we ordered arrived in great time. A big shout out to Dave as well, who looked after us all night. He was not only informative but also funny, with a great balance between formal and casual. Pho is lucky to have him.

In conclusion, I am craving the food already. My mouth waters when I think of it and I feel so fond and pleased with my experience there. I would go back in a heartbeat and carry on exploring the unique and rich yet fresh menu until I knew every dish in its entirety. 


Recommended for – Dinner Dates, Business Meetings, Lunch, Hot Day/ Cold Day

ANY DAY!!! Any time you need feeding

Check out their website to make a booking  – Pho Website

Love Dovetail


Young woman smiling holding a cocktail



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